Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Wish List

For your teen this year, make their Christmas wishes come true with hot new items available in the technology department.  Eyes will brighten when they see some of the following gifts under your fiber-optic tree this year.  Cat J. Winblood

Pyramat - Sound Rocker Gaming Chair

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The Sound Rocker Gaming Chair is certainly top on the list for most teens, as gaming is at an all-time high.  Two speakers keep things booming with an rocking sub-woofer.  The 8-channel wireless receiver will give their gaming the clarity it was meant to have.  Controls are easily reached and chairs are compatible with systems like the Xbox 360, PS2, PlayStation, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii and the ever-popular PSP.  You can also use this with an iPod for slamming sound!  Also the differently designed Gaming Chair 2.1 by Pyramat has similar features.

Apple - iPod Nano MP3 Player, 3rd Gen.

This is a BIG deal this year because chances are your teens' old broken down iPod from last year is getting boring and you want to inherit it from them, so your best choice is to give them an upgrade!  These offer up to 5 hours of video from the screen as well as a 65% brighter display.  Holds from 4GB to 8GB of music, videos and photos and you can choose from five different colors.  Visit the Apple Store image 2369957 10480544to get details.

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Funkeys - USB Collectibles with "Cribs"

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With so many fun USB items available, it's not hard to see why the Funkeys have taken over

desktops near and far.  USB UBFunkey Starter Sets have cute figures and each one unlocks games, puzzles and zones for your teen to explore.  Then, your teen can earn coins and customize the Funkeys crib, then upload it and show others.  Some UBFunkeys are hard to find and unlock secret zones that your teen can't explore unless they own one like "Bones" or "Vroom".

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