Blackberry goes GPS

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The popular Blackberry has always had features that were very useful, but now you can set aside your bulky GPS device and carry just the Blackberry 8800 series in-hand.  It makes for a lighter and more convenient way to find out where you are, or where you're going.

With models like the 8800, 8820 and 8830 available, you can choose what you need the most from your hand held.  They all, however, have the following (if your carrier allows it, apparently Verizon disabled the GPS mapping for a time, not sure if this is still in effect):

Wireless email, organizer, browser, phone capabilities (hope so!), Blackberry Maps, a media player, corporate data access, SMS, MMS and GPS.  This adds a functionality that many will take advantage of, not just business travelers.  Also, expandable memory if you use a microSD card, and that will give you more room to store your favorite items.

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