Mini Keys With Many Pictures

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The Optimus Mini Three Keyboard has something different to offer the geek inside.  Animated keys that make using keyboard shortcuts fun.  These three keys can be set up and customized easily, allowing you to run programs from them and set up six different key layouts that can be switched via your larger keyboard. 

You can set up a neat photo or web cam image on the keys and that makes this really fun to use, and show off.  Customize keys so that one has a neat animated clock that would display the time and another button has your favorite photograph on it and leads you to your image editing software while the third displays if you have new email or not.

You can use MAC OS and Windows to play with this gadget.  It has three OLED screens on it with the animation coming in at 3 frames per second. 

The total size is 116 mm x 51.8 mm x 18 mm so it's slender and compact.  Each key is 32x32 mm with a resolution of 96x96 pixels displayed, so this gadget won't limit your creativity too much.

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