Thermofocus needs no probing

thermofocusI've always hated thermometers as doctors tend to place them in places you wished to keep private, and the Thermofocus from Kidz-Med could be heaven sent as it boasts the title of "the first thermometer to take accurate body temperature readings without touching the body". This is made possible by reading infrared heat emanating from a person's forehead, resulting in accurate results comparable to those when a rectal thermometer (ouch!) is used. The Thermofocus can also be used to take the temperatures of baby formula, bath water, and food.

Source: Strange New Products

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  1. Jeff Klysz 15 December, 2007 at 19:55

    Great product. When my children are sick they dont sleep well which means we dont sleep well. I was able to take her temp without disturbing her. Every parent knows what I am talking about. Again, great product. I recommend it.

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