Kitchen Client concept

kitchen-clientIs Microsoft on a quest to take over the homes of every single person, starting with America first and the world next? That would seem to be quite the case from their humble beginnings with MS-DOS, slowly proliferating to the endless versions of Windows operating systems, the Xbox and its successor the Xbox 360 in the living room, and now - a Kitchen Client concept that boast some level of awareness and interactivity with Windows Live. What you get includes a terminal complete with recipes, calendars, and the all important family bulletin to help mom keep track of everybody's schedule.

No idea on whether this will be grease resistant or not, but it sure as heck will turn the everyday cooking experience into something interesting. Surely the specifications for a Kitchen Concept computer won't be too high end, unless you want to see your recipes streamed in High Definition. Do you think this concept will take off, or will it remain a pipe dream for some years to come?

Source: Crunchgear

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