DIY Menstrual Pads


Before you tune away from this potentially bloody title, hear me out. If you happen to have some semblance of art-and-craft skills within, it is possible to construct your very own menstrual pads that could be used without any worry or fear, wondering whether the disposable ones you purchased at the store was really clean. All you need to do is sew around five to ten washable pads, and not only that - who else knows your body better than you? Heck, you can even wash them after each use (hygienically, of course) in order to help keep the earth green. Ladies, this is one aspect where you could help Mother Nature out.

Source: Treehugger

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  1. Kathy CedeƱo 1 December, 2007 at 11:53

    OMG! This idea is so cool and interesting. Who ever came up with this, you are totally smart. Me personally, I am always throwing away pads that aren’t even that full. Which hurts me in the way that i have to spend $7 buying them and then my money goes to waste =[. I really like these because they look cute and comfortable and I will definately buy them.

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