MOG: Music-centered social networking

171068882 c3bb841638MOG is a new flavor of social AJAX goodness that introduces you to new music based on suggestions from real people, and introduces you to new people based on similar tastes in music. Use their small MOG-O-MATIC client to scan your music folders and tell MOG's servers what you listen to, or constantly update a live "songroll" of what you're currently listening to. After MOG-O-MATIC uploaded my music catalog, I searched for people most like me and sure enough, it found a few interesting and non-technologically retarded locals who I wouldn't mind importing their RSS feeds, if you catch my drift. Although the beta won't be officially released until tomorrow, the site is completely usable with only minor bugs that seem to disappear after a few minutes. Check out my profile for an example of how the features work, and feel free to add me as a trusted friend to get you started!

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