HTC Touch

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The HTC Touch handsets are getting a nice renovation done with some anime styled art and other designs.  Adding a nice bit of color to the otherwise drab HTC housing, this artwork will be featured on the phones and released as a 'special edition' model.

These versions are being released in Taiwan, so you might not have the joys of owning your own very easily, but just like anything in this situation, we'll eventually see it, right? 

Maybe not the artwork, but the features of the new HTC Touch special editions will be seen in major mobile markets so you can enjoy that at least.  Sprint has a special holiday offer on the HTC, and with a nicely sized 2.8" screen where you can simply touch the screen to get applications to launch, you will want to check this phone out.


  1. Franki 14 November, 2007 at 03:41

    Imageware is a company that pimps up phones. They can do something for any mobile phone, and the word on the street is that they are launching a new webshop shortly where you can customize any phone.

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