iPhone in Style

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We all love the iPhone (at least most of us) and now the gold-plated iPhone has been released in the UK.  For those that don't feel that $600 is enough, take a look a the Goldstriker International version of the iPhone for your collection.

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For around $1500 you can have the most exclusive version of the iPhone to show off.  Not only that, but Goldstriker has the full gold iPod Nano 8GB ($620), a classic iPod
(from $830) and the iPod touch.

Boasting unique quality, these gadgets would be almost one-of-a-kind looks because you can bet not many will invest in the gold shine.  If you already own the gadget, the company will send you the full plated house to allow you to transform your already owned gadget into a nicely golden plated one.

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