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Alteil Online Dueling Card Game takes a front seat with incredible graphics and the instant gratification of being online, real time, when playing.  Taking a hint from RPG formats, Alteil brings you the opportunity to create a deck of cards and play against others at your leisure.

Alteil brought in top designers from Tekken 5, Xanadu and various Gundam models, and the movie Hellboy, to create and work on this for our enjoyment.  You won't have to organize your deck of cards and keep them in lock tight containers so you can sell them on E-bay, not this deck.

From the press release:

Alteil is easy and fun to
pick up and play, anytime, anywhere. Alteil has no downloads, no clients and is
100% web-driven, making it playable on any computer with a web browser. Best of
all, it's totally free. Simply sign up for an account and you can choose
and customize your own free starter set that will allow you to play
immediately. While you can buy additional cards to expand your capabilities, it
is not required for a complete experience.

Best thing is, the game experience is free and all you have to do is download the software and get started!  Just visit the Alteil website to find out more.

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