Key Holder With Class

I love to be organized!  I try to keep things in compartments and files as much as possible so they don't get lost.  One thing I hear about often is people losing their keys.

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This Wheels key holder is a great way to remind yourself to place your keys somewhere safe so you know where to find them later.  Because it has the novelty of being able to insert the "dummy key" provided into the slot like you would put a key into your ignition, this might be easier to remember to do.

I think it would make a great addition to a shop or workplace where you have to keep client keys close at hand.  The bad thing is you would have to place each set onto a keyring so that you have the "dummy key" available...but maybe you can make it easier with disposable rings somehow.

Either way, at home or work, this cute idea hopefully would keep your keys in a safe place so that you don't have to run around looking for them.  It's designed with enough class that it can add some design to your wall, while still keeping you organized.

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