Mobius MKII

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Not just any speaker, the Mobius MKII Reference Loudspeakers are omni-directional, eight-inch speaker arrays that will blast your music out with 360 degrees of sound to enjoy.  With two mid-bass drivers mounted back to back, creating an array that is basically two speaker domes mounted against one another, you will hear your sound in a new way.

The speaker design uses a cone for the bass sound to come out deep and rich, but the price tag of these will make you weep.  If you have $10,000-$15,000 laying around your house and you like good sounding speakers, you might want to be there when Mobius determines the big date in 2008 to release these.

Make sure you design your home around the speaker in this case.  They stand at over three feet tall so you'll want to display them accordingly.

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