D.I.Y. MP3 player from Korea

mp3-music-boxWith MP3 functionality being integrated into virtually every device you see these days (cellphones, cameras, GPS navigation systems), it makes you wonder just how large an MP3 chipset would need to be. The MOTZ D.I.Y. Music Box offers an alternative to creative techno geeks, giving them the chance to insert MP3 functionality into virtually any other item they can think of. This basic kit is small enough to fit into a variety of items, so with a little know how, you will be able to groove to your favorite tunes on your alarm clock, mouse, or even clothing!

Don't expect the sky with the MOTZ D.I.Y. Music Box though, since it offers the most basic functions at best. For $40 (minus shipping from Korea), you will get USB 2.0 connectivity, 256MB of internal memory, and support for MP3, WMA, and Ogg files. If you had the technical ability, where would you fit in this diminutive little Music Box?

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