Gift Girl helps shopping-challenged men


Men, if you absolutely suck at shopping for the lady in your life, Gift Girl is here to lend you a helping hand. It aims to be an online destination that dishes out shopping advice to help men eliminate wrong choices by delivering the perfect gift selection. This solution-based site debuted nearly a week ago and integrates the latest technology with fashion expertise for the time- and taste-challenged male.

The site boasts thousands of designer items that hover between $100 to more than $100,000 in terms of price, with new content being added on a daily basis in order to keep the site and its selections fresh. All you need to do is fork out a $20 subscription fee - a small price to pay considering you run the risk of getting the wrong present yet again on your anniversary, having to spend the night on a cold, concrete floor for the umpteenth time.

Gift Girl content includes:

“Gift Girl Collections” – Ranging from New York City Girl to Lazy Sunday Girl, Nantucket Girl and more., complete ensembles are suggested to match many moods, looks and occasions.
“Gift Girl Says…” – Candid advice on how and why the item would make a perfect gift and for whom.
“Gift Girl Don’ts!” – Take it from the experts at Gift Girl; your girl really does not want another kitchen appliance.
“Gift Girl Tips” – Straight from the expert eyes of the Gift Girl team, a wealth of tips for dodging potential shopping disasters.

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