Portable DVD Player Concept

I remember the buzz about the portable CD player and now they have conceptualized the1615749041 d08c458e30 m Portable DVD Player to match it, or improve it.  This one would utilize the ultrathin OLED display to keep it nice and compact.  The only complaint that was heard on the CD player before, and would wrap into this concept as well, was the exposed CD/DVD looking "cool" but not being functional...and possibly being dangerous.

I'm sure that the concept will be tweaked prior to release as usual, and I'm excited to see the many ideas that come from this one.  A truly portable DVD player would come in handy and with what we have on the market now, this would be a greatly improved design in comparison.

A quote from the designer:

"Designer Yeon-shin Seung says he plans to use Sony's full-color
flexible organic electroluminescent display on this device because of
the screen's thin and lightweight form factor."

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