Throw Some Money Around

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If you have the ultimate gadgets and you're trying to find some way to spend your extra cash and improve your kitchen, look for the Angelshare 6-bottle cellar.  That's right, you can have a nice and compact wine cellar, anywhere, without building on to your gadget filled home.

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Maybe you are just now starting a collection of fine wines and you want to expand later on to a full cellar?  Or, maybe you just want to keep your favorite few wines safe and sound.  Either way, you can choose from the 1 bottle, 6 bottle or 12 bottle capacities with these compact cellars.

It is pretty nice that the design is so sleek and you can add on as you go.  The mechanism controls the temperature of your aging wine, maintains the optimum humidity, delivers a cooling effect without refrigerants (with a nicely thought-out three-step temperature setting so that you can choose which is best for your wine) and the double-paneled half-smoke glass window prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching your wine.

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