Hidden Stash in a Shoe

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I know, winter is almost here, but in many areas you still have plenty of sun-time to go.  Beaches are still aflutter with visitors and shoes like these can make your visits lighter and more efficient.

The Reef Stash Sandal with a hidden compartment built into the foot bed will allow you to lessen the bags and wallets you need to carry when visiting the beach.  Instead, you can focus on walking and enjoying the sights while still having access to your money and ID.  You could even stash a key or two in here but don't count on your key chain to fit.

Described as being constructed with a "sporty nubuck upper, arch support, and EVA midsole" these seem to be just sturdy enough to grab and wear, and I doubt you'll feel anything you've stored away under your heel.  Comes in two colors and they run around $46 at Swell.

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  1. Shoewawa 1 October, 2007 at 05:15

    Reef’s ‘Stash’ sandals – store your keys and credit cards in your flip flops

    Now that we’re officially into Autumn, I’ve already retired my flip-flop collection for the rest of th…

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