Stungun disguised as a cellphone

stungun-phoneThe next time you pull out this seemingly innocent cellphone, your friends might actually stare at your incredulously for using such an archaic handset. What, no 260k color LCD display? Not even a digital camera or Bluetooth connectivity? All their ridiculing and jeers will amount to naught when you share the secret behind this 'ancient' handset. It is actually a disguised stungun, capable of delivering up to 800,000 volts of electric shock. Chances are that figure alone will send a hushed blanket over everybody, and conversation gamely steers to other topics such as the latest fashion and who's dating who.

Other than rendering your assailant a shock and opening a window of escape, this device also emits a 100dB high pitch tone alarm just in case the situation gets out of hand, enabling you to alert those around for some help. There is an immobilizing wrist strap that prevents accidental electrocution of oneself. The only drawback would be the inability for this device to function as a cellphone, but it is an oversight that is easily forgiven. This deviously disguised device retails for $49.95 apiece.

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  1. Geek Chic 10 October, 2007 at 06:06

    Parece um celular mas é uma arma de choque

    O Stun Master parece um celular, mas na verdade é uma arma de choque disfarçada, com capacidade de entregar até 800.000 volts de choque elétrico, emite um alarme de 100dB. Vem com strap para prender o “celular” no pulso,…

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