Barbie is one dim witted doll

barbie-electrocutionFor those with a sadistic streak within, this homemade electrical chair doesn't cater to humans, but instead it targets the favorite plaything of many a little girl (as well as serious doll collectors worldwide) by sending jolts of current through lifeless, plastic limbs. This is strictly a home made project, so you don't have to go to your nearest Wal-mart or Toys 'R Us searching high and low for the special edition Abu Ghraib Barbie Doll. Just make sure you have the necessary in place before starting on this project. Some of the items include a 6 volt battery, a piece of wood (preferably without splinters), a striped shirt fit for criminals, all the other essential tools required.

No idea as to why she's still smiling though. Final tests have shown Barbie to be a poor conductor for electricity, hence the need for a lightbulb to prove that current is actually flowing through the entire circuit. Darn it, and here I am thinking I could actually see her with mascara running down the cheeks, frazzled hair and all.

Instruction page via Gearfuse

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