T-Qualizer comes with a heart

tqualizer-babydollWearing a t-shirt with some sort of electronics powering it is pretty cool, and this time the ladies will be able to enjoy the benefits of the T-Qualizer that finally comes in a female oriented design, featuring a love heart that will definitely appeal to those who gush and melt at the sight of a knight in shining armor (which by the way, have decidedly become extinct for quite some time now). Within the heart itself lies an equalizer panel that lights up at random, and this would really complete your street look if you have an iPod or other portable audio player of your choice hooked up to it.

The equalizer panel isn't the only feature - you get a sound sensitivity controller as well as a quieter battery pack. What, you didn't know that something has to power the EQ panel? Well, I guess the sound sensitivity controller works great when you're trying to conserve battery life. All I can say is, wearing one of these will definitely make you the standout person in any dance club even if you lack the skills to move gracefully. Available in sizes 8 to 14, they retail for £19.99 each.

Product Page via Chip Chick

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