Lobster concept – the ties that bind


Check out yet another concept device from designer Danilo Mangini - this unique device features the ability to daisy chain many different modules to the main device itself, so you only pay for the functions that you want unlike most electronic products that come with more than what you bargain for (hello, PS3!). Needless to say, you will require the main unit in the first place as the modules are useless without the main unit itself. This main unit comes with an LCD display that will show the relevant information according to the module hooked up. For instance, if you have the MP3 module connected, the LCD display will show the current song title, time remaining, and track number among others.

Currently, other modules include MP3, GPS navigation, a hard drive for storage purposes, a digital camera of unknown megapixel count, and a cardiometer for health nuts. I wonder if this thing is waterproof should it ever take off from production lines, considering the versatility of wearing such a product. Anyone remembers the Handspring Visor from way back? Now that was a PDA to be reckoned with, too bad it's add-on modules were ahead of its time and subsequently died an ugly death.

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