Britz unveils Rosetta speakers

britz-rosetta-speakersSpeakers are all the same, or are they? Apparently not. Britz has come up with the Rosetta speakers that definitely jazz up the environment in your home or office, featuring some really unique design cues that cannot be found anywhere else. The entire Rosetta speaker set comes in a 2.1 configuration, bringing  a couple of satellite towers as well as a downward-firing amplified subwoofer that is touted to produce enhanced bass. What would strike most people first would be the external case design and a red LED that provides an all round illumination.

While there are only two satellites with each purchase, they do come with a virtual surround technology that definitely won't be able to give you the real deal, but at the very least the sound you listen to would have been enhanced with a greater amount of depth. The twin speaker towers measure 3" x 11" x 5" each and offers up to 9 watts of power, while the subwoofer is nothing to write home about with 32 watts. If you're interested in adding a touch of elegance to your desk, the Britz Rosetta speakers will retail for $90.

Source: Technabob

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