Time sure flies with these clocks


Older folks often mention that time flies, and I surely could not agree more. I distinctly remember my younger days when I felt that the summer holidays were the longest time of fun in my relatively short life (back then), but growing up has brought about its fair share of grown-up stuff to do that confined the long summer days of yore to mere memories. Nevertheless, time waits for no man (and woman), and the show must go on. What better way to tell the time if you're working in an organization that has international offices throughout strategic locations all over the globe?

The Time Flies Clock Set fits the bill perfectly, featuring pure white metal faces with red metal hands that stand out at a glance. These individual clocks come with their very own mechanisms, displaying times in different cities around the world - namely London, New York, and Hong Kong. Each of these clocks come in the corresponding shape of the continent, and a little red plane decorates the tip of the second hand. Priced at $8o, they sure aren't cheap but chic.

Product Page via Uncrate

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