Poire dresses up cellphones


Strapya World, the purveyor of fine cellphone accessories, has just made available more choices from Poire's collection. The first of these is the fashionable cellphone pouch that features both leopard and hound's tooth patterns, although I think that the latter really resembles a randomly generated design. Not only that, you also get the Spring Poire collection that features cherry blossoms and gold fish swimming all over the case while your cellphone sits snugly within, protected from scratches and accidental knocks.

Each of these cellphone pouches retail for 840 yen, and when converted over to the almighty dollar, they will go for an extremely affordable $7.17 to be exact. If you haven't yet picked up a cellphone pouch for your latest handset, now is the time to do it. Too bad it doesn't look set to accommodate larger sized handsets such as the iPhone and the Nokia N95. Hopefully this will change in the future so that bigger phone owners won't feel left out. Kawaii!

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