Careful, don't poke your eyes out with this one!


Working in front of the computer for hours on end isn't the primary idea of fun, but unfortunately for most of us, that is a fact of life. Other than maintaining a decent posture as well as throwing glances at distant objects once in a while, you really don't have many other avenues to take a break from it all, especially for those stuck in a rigid working environment. Since you're already sitting right in front of your computer, why not take advantage of any available USB ports by picking up this USB Eye Massager?

No idea on how much an individual unit costs at the moment, but it is currently available in wholesale lots from Sundayo. It looks extremely cute, but I dread the lawsuits that are on their way filed by folks who have had their eyes gouged out by colleagues who without a second thought, figured out it would be cool to pull a Three Stooges act in real life without suffering from any consequences.

Product Page via Technabob

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