Pillow Talk Notifies You of IMs

PillowtalkMake blog has post about the Chatter Pillow Rebecca created. The idea is to send an alert wirelessly to the pillow alerting you of incoming messages coming from the one you love. Nice way to unplug without worrying about missing important messages.

In her own words: "Chatter uses the Plushie Message Framework (chat-parsing script to Arduino to wireless module) to send selected instant messages from your computer to the message pillow. Often times I leave my message client open just to get that "emotional check-in" or other brief snippet from my sweetheart, but I don't want messages from anyone else. With the Chatter Pillow, I just alter a few parameters in the script to filter all but three messages from him: "xo," "on my way," and "talk to me." That way I can be on the couch or ready for bed and still get the message. The pillow lights up with the appropriate symbol indicating whether he'll be home soon or if I should make my way to the computer to answer a question.""

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