SwissBit s.beat mp3 DAP

167131742 1cac38e9a3 mDo you want to get more functionality out of your pocket knife? Sure you can get some that have knives, forks, bottle openers, flash lights, and even flash drives, but what if it could play your music? Victornox introduces a new product in there line of pocket knives that can actually be used as a DAP. It can play mp3s, has a voice recorder, FM radio receiver, FM radio recorder, mass storage device, along with some standard pocket knife hardware (scissors, a nail file and a very sharp 1.75" pointy blade). If you do a lot of traveling, Victornox also has available a “Flight Model” which has no blades. Pricing is $213.00 for the 1GB full version and $200 for the the Flight model, $313.00 for the full 2GB version and $300.00 for the 2GB Flight model.
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