Message in a Bottle

952094961 2e9f93fcba mSometimes that perfect gift that you want to be memorable to someone, just comes to you.  I found the Message in a Bottle site to be an interesting inspiration to me.  Some ideal situations for this are love messages that can be kept over time.

Placed neatly in a bottle is a message with some chosen confetti for the situation.  Hearts or stars to surround your parchment that's carefully wrapped up as a keepsake.  10.5x2.5 bottles and 7x2 sizes are available and the confetti choices seem to change depending on the chosen message.

There are even wedding invitations offered in a bottle, for something unique and fun.  And, if you are creative and have your own idea for this gift, you can visit the 'design your own' page and create your own message and customized bottle.  From $19.99-$24.99, this would make an excellent gift that won't be soon forgotten.

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