USB Bottle Cooler and Warmer

usb-cooler-warmerNow this is an interesting twist on the standard USB Mug Cooler/Warmer fare that we have seen before. Thanko brings us the USB Bottle Cooler and Warmer device that relies on a USB connection in order to keep its contents warm or cool, depending on your preference. Incorporated within its body is the Peltier device that allows the cooling and heating system to work by simply switching electrodes, enabling it to come in such a compact package. Now I think this is certainly a great device to have on your desk, as it helps keep your cool drink, well, cool despite being interrupted to attend an impromptu boardroom meeting right after lunch just as you're about to sip on your refreshing bottle of orange juice.

The line between the cooler and warmer is a thin one, as all you need to do is turn the switch according to the desired end result. The USB Bottle Cooler and Warmer is capable of keeping its contents cool/warm for up to 4 hours. Should the packaging of your original drink be too large to store within, you can always use pour the contents into the included mug. This nifty desktop device retails for $41.50 a pop.

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