Samsung's SS700 Concept, A Well-Rounded Digicam

Digital cameras are expensive, and so are digital frames. So what if we could get it all at once? Yanko Design recently featured a killer digicam that turns into a digital photo frame when you're not snapping shots. Instead of hiding that camera in its case all year long, why not use it to display photos? I'm so down with that. The Samsung SS700 concept apparently has a 7.3 megapixel resolution, no menus, and no extra buttons. One side features a large LCD display to show off your snapshots, and the other side contains a fold out kick stand and lens. Just point, snap, and display your photos on a bigger screen. I love the design, I just hope Samsung puts this into production ASAP, cause I've been dying for a cool digital frame. What do you think? You like it?Samsungframedigicam

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