Media Readers & Speed

If you have a digital camera, cellphone with storage cards or any other device that requires a memory card, you need to look at your options.  USB readers are compact and convenient but what if you need speed to access your data?

Look at SanDisk's Extreme FireWire Reader with UDMA support and you will see the difference between your downloads of photos and data.  For around $80 you can get flawless performance with speeds of nearly788454056 f2be8a9f68 m 28MB/s and write speeds of 21.2MB/s.  To compare speeds a bit, the SanDisk Extreme USB reader has faster speeds than most other USB readers and only hits 16.5MB/s for reads and 14MB/s when writing to the drive.

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Now, this might be a super fast unit but research warns that the reader is limited to CF, which completely denies your SD card access.  Sad for now, maybe that will change later...if you insist on using SD cards (or your gadgets do) you can opt for the USB reader by SanDisk, and save a bit.  It comes in at $25 with slower speeds but more options.

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