Home and Mobile in One?

Need free long distance from home and a convenient mobile option, all in one?  T-Mobile has an offer for you.  The T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home is trying to revolutionize how one depends on mobile access.

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With this plan, you get a mobile phone that works with a wireless router to allow you to make and receive unlimited calls via the WiFi you have at home.  This would also include US T-Mobile HotSpot locations around the world.  International calls do incur additional charges but if you live out of state and want to call family, this might be the plan for you.

In addition, not only does it utilize your WiFi based from home and other locations, but if you are out of the area of a HotSpot device from T-Mobile, the phone can still be used like you would use your regular mobile and would pull the minutes based on a T-Mobile plan you chose previously.  It would use your Whenever Minutes that T-Mobile offers unless you were within range of your needed WiFi connection.

In the long run, if you have an area that uses the T-Mobile HotSpot frequently and you utilize this phone from home for your home calls, this would save you money on minutes and overall plan usage.  Check it out at the T-Mobile site and see if it's the plan and phone, for you!

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