Extremely girly DS Phat mod


While everyone definitely thinks that the revamped DS Lite is definitely far better than the DS Phat, not everyone has the dough to make that visual upgrade. Marie decided that instead of waiting for Santa to drop by this summer, she'll take things into her own hands, dressing up her DS Phat in a manner that is by far more tasteful than the Swarovski-laden iPhone. Laces and frills make up the bulk of the decoration, including a ribbon bow and himegyaru-styled artwork that graces the lid. Such beauty does not lie just on the exterior, as the DS Phat's interior was also given a feminine makeover.

This ought to be the ultimate girly DS mod. I wonder whether she has any idea on how much some people would be willing to pay for this. I can just imagine Alice of Wonderland fame owning one of these, battling it out with the Mad Hatter over a game of Mario Kart DS.

Source: DS Fanboy

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