Vertu Ascent Ti coming soon

vertu-ascent-tiVertu is a name held in high regard when it comes to luxury cellphones, and the company has unveiled that they have finally readied the first real successor to the Ascent handset. A FCC filing hot off the press shows that this new device will be known as the Ascent Ti, and features both internal and external changes. Finally, we have a Vertu handset that comes with a camera, and a 3 megapixel one to boot. Not only that, those living in Europe who pick up the Vertu Ascent Ti will be pleased to know that there is UMTS mobile Internet access as well for surfing on the go.

As for the Vertu Ti's design, it features a scratchproof sapphire coating on the LCD as well as gold trim that can be found in its predecessors. A ridged titanium shell provides a more ergonomic grip that will satisfy even the most hardcore butterfingered owner. Chances are the Vertu Ascent Ti will run on a customized Symbian Series operating system. Pricing and availability details are currently unknown, but you can start lusting after this handset already.

Source: Electronista

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