Swimsuit gets Midas touch


Swimsuits are extremely sexy pieces of fashion, and they definitely make any lady feel and look beautiful. Of course, the concept of beauty is a relative one, and as usual it all depends on the eye of the beholder. Japan is a country that is big on fashion - just take a stroll through Tokyo and you'll be greeted with glitzy designer stores carrying stock of ultra expensive goods that are snapped up as though they cost a mere fraction of the stated price. Ginza Tanaka has unleashed his hidden Midas powers yet again by creating gold thread-woven swimsuits that are currently on display at his jewelry store in Tokyo.

These swimsuits have been hand-woven with half a kilogram of thread which was already twined with 6 wires of 90-micron thin gold (K24) in slightly over a month. The long dress, on the other hand, used 1.5kg of such thread, twined with 4 wires instead. The gold weave swimsuit retails for a jaw dropping $82,000. Looks like the best asset on a lady has just increased its scope with this gorgeous swimsuit.

Source: Born Rich

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