UBFunkeys are super cute

ubfunkeysEver wondered what can you get for your daughter if she has already been pampered with a slew of high tech gizmos such as an iPhone, a Nintendo DS Lite (in Coral Pink, no less), and a PS3 at home? For starters, the UBFunkeys look pretty cool and will definitely be a hit with those who want have a penchant for collecting items in the entirety. Each of these tiny vinyl dolls do not only look cute and pretty on their own, but are connectable as well. When hooked up to a computer, the UBFunkey will load its very own virtual world known as Funkeytown, letting you explore the nuances of their virtual world.

The UBFunkey Starter Set consists of two UBFunkeys and a UBFunkey hub that acts as the portal to Funkeytown. Connecting a new UBFunkey to this hub will unlock new games and puzzles, so the more the merrier in this case. UBFunkeys start from £4.95 a pop. Sounds pretty interesting in theory, but like any other toy these days, it will probably keep your kid hooked for a couple of weeks before something new comes and capture his/her attention. Give me my Animal Crossing anytime 🙂

Product Page via Coolest Gadgets


  1. suny 12 November, 2007 at 06:23

    my daughter whent crasy when she reseived the funkey. but she is know stuck in the world LaPuta where there is a big button that has to be press, but she does not know what thoes it does. can you help her please.


  2. Mj 15 October, 2007 at 18:46

    I have the 24 funkeys that have been release and I can’t get enough of them. rebekah the reason why you can’t find the others because they have only released 8 tribes so far and the other have not been listed.

  3. rebekah 25 September, 2007 at 21:22

    I have 24 funkeys. FYI the so called “rare” and “very rare” ones are not really rare at all, in fact I found them first before the regular ones, they are at wal-mart.
    only problem I have is finding sprout, stitch, glub, fallout, wasiabi, and tiki. If you know anything please let me know at [email protected].

  4. jeorge 18 September, 2007 at 12:46

    Funkeys are great I have a starter pack and the 2 funkeys that come with it and 2 Additional funkeys they are so cute im going to try and collect them all even the rare and very rare Im hooked to the website the games I tried so far are great fun better than any console computer game ive played so I need more funkeys to get all the other games and I need them now lol.

  5. tino 4 July, 2007 at 10:56

    i’ve just received my starter pack a few days ago and sadly i’m so hooked already!
    i just want to be able to do more so need to find out how…!

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