Concept of future credit card


Credit cards and shopping are an inevitable fact of life, but more often than not the lack of discipline fails us and we end up with a debt that is pretty much the same as a cancerous tumor - it doesn't shrink but instead seems to grow larger and larger by the month, no thanks to interest rates that are out to make bankrupts of debtors. There are already many methods of controlling the shopping monster deep inside, and some of the more extreme measures include cutting up those credit cards as you tighten your belt. Jacob Palmborg has other ideas though, offering shopaholics a glimmer of hope with a high tech credit card concept.

This RFID card is linked to every account that you have, and it boasts a display that tells your own economic situation, forecasting whatever effect your shopping spree would have in the long run. It works wirelessly and thus stores no data on it, which is always a good thing. An integrated biometric security system also boosts security, ensuring that you are the only person who has access to this credit card. If Jacob adds in an automatic stop-loss order, that would seal the deal. Too bad this is but a concept, and I'm sure no credit companies want us to stop spending so we probably won't see it hit the market anytime soon.

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