Cases For 2nd Gen iPod

Speck Products has already announced the availability of their new line of iPod skins.

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Leather and ToughSkins are all being made to fit the 2nd generation of iPod Nanos just released.

Keeping up with the new releases of iPod designs must be tough.  When you purchase a new iPod you don't want any problems to arise with the mobility of the iPod and unexpected things that can happen.  Be sure and purchase a case of some sort to keep your investment protected.

The ToughSkin is rubberized material in customized colors to match your style.  The CanvasSport model is less bright and wild with more of a classic look to it.  Inspired by those classic sneakers, this design is a nice alternative to the ToughSkin.  Also available for the 2nd generation of iPod is the leather case. 

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