Twilight Turtle ain't no princess

twilight-turtleNow this is definitely one toy that would make a great addition to any kids' bedroom, and I suspect that even the adults would want in on the action. By day, this soft plush toy looks and acts like any other normal bedroom accessory, but when the sun sets and lights go off in the room, the Twilight Turtle transforms into its alter ego. Its plastic shell doubles up as a planetarium, projecting the night sky onto the ceiling to keep both kids and adults alike inspired with jaws wide open.

Choose from white, blue, or green colors. Apparently, research has shown that those three colors have relaxing, rejuvenating, and calming qualities about them. I seriously don't doubt that, but the excitement of seeing up to eight major constellations could send nerdy kids wild, causing them to be unable to sleep instead. Each Twilight Turtle retails for £34.95 and is suitable for kids aged three and above.

Product Page via Crave

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