Lip Gloss Brush lights up


Take a look inside and around your purse. What do you see? Most women often have to do spring clean their purse or handbags once a week, getting rid of used tissue, ticket stubs, receipts, and all those dust bunnies that seem to magically reappear week after week despite being served eviction notices once every seven days. Not only that, handbags are often the refuge of many a cosmetic item, lending to the clutter further. Cosmetic company Modelco decided that there is a better way of doing things, and they have come up with a brand new lip gloss brush.

This ain't no ordinary lip gloss brush though, as it boasts a magnifying mirror over the cap, and an LED on the brush itself, giving you the opportunity to touch up on your mug even in the darkest of situations without missing a beat. Then again, you could also use this Lip Gloss Brush as an emergency torchlight when rummaging through your handbag in the middle of a cinema. You can pick one up for $27.

Source: And for the Umpteenth Time...


  1. rachel 24 June, 2007 at 17:56

    they didn’t come up with this. i work at victoria’s secret and we’ve had a lip gloss exactly like this out for a while, and i it’s less expensive ($12).

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