Click-To-Call Services

CbsconsumerwatchSat down with CBS 5 in San Francisco to talk about CCube and some click-to-call services available out there. If you haven't heard about Ccube, it may be because they are a new social network that lets people call each other. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to gradually get to know people I meet online before they can call my cell phone. One of their selling points is that you can use their click-to-call button on sites like Craigslist, so you don't expose your number. The problem I see here is the other party may not want to sign up with your social network to be able to call you, especially if they'll only use it once. My recommendation here was to check with your VOIP provider, since they may already offer Click-to-Call services. If you want people on Craigslist to call you, check out numbr. This site offers local numbers that forward calls to your real number. You can set the expiration time, and buyers don't have to sign up for the service to call you. Plus the service is free. You can read my article on CCube, and click to call services on Yahoo Tech, and watch a video here.

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