The Nu Blaster

GhettoblasterAs if the world needed more useless noise, designer Dirk Winkel has envisioned what the new Ghettoblaster would look like in todays culture. Of course, we don't need anything that produces loud music since people would rather ignore each other by plugging their ears with earbuds, but he insists nothing can replace the experience of a true ghettoblaster. He says there are two reasons for the shape of the design:

First, high-end sound quality. The 'head' of the blaster provides space for a large bass speaker, and the long narrow end of the horn-like (thus, audiophile) shape serves as a bass reflex tube. Second, the shape allows for perfect wearing comfort: as the blaster has a belt, there are two ways to carry the blaster around, on your shoulder or on your hip, like a shoulder bag.

Personally, I prefer my devices small enough to carry in my purse. And secondly, I doubt anyone shares my taste in music, therefore, I'd be afraid of ghettoblasting anything in my iPod. Don't believe me?

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