DS Lite chargers get new colors


Nintendo might have sold millions upon millions of Nintendo DS Lites all over the world, but one oversight potentially cost them millions of dollars in the process. Everyone knows that the DS Lite comes in more colors and limited editions than you can shake a stick at, but unfortunately the AC adapters packaged with each box comes in only two colors - black and black. Guess those who already own the Black DS Lite are currently sniggering at the other owners, but steady your emotions. Third party manufacturer ToyTech has come up with different DS Lite AC adapters that are available in pink, light blue, white, black, and navy blue colors.

These different colored AC adapters retail for approximately $17, making them almost double the price of a normal Nintendo-endorsed adapter, but I guess that's the price to pay for color coordination. Will you be getting one just to have a uniform color when charging, or do you think this is a needless luxury?

Source: Silicon Era

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