I smell an incoming call...


Most cellphones these days alert you of an incoming call by utilizing MP3 ringtones or vibration when in Silent Mode, but what about this concept handset from Nokia that employs customizable scent specifications that lets you smell the person calling. This isn't the only futuristic idea that ships with the Scentsory cellphone, as it comes in an origami-like design that seems to be made out of translucent material.

I seriously doubt I would want to "smell" my contacts as they call as there is nothing more effective than an irritating ring tone to startle me. It's perfectly fine if your other half smells as though he just stepped out from the shower, but what happens when you prefer a musky scent that others find unappealing? Hopefully Nokia will have the scents..er, sense to offer only universally appealing smells. I wonder how much longer will it take technology to catch up with this idea. Should it ever be released, will you be counting your pennies to purchase one?

Source: SCI FI Tech


  1. Clara 22 May, 2007 at 09:53

    I think I’ll stick to my hearing senses because they are faster and less likely to fail me even when I’ve got a stuffy nose.

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