iPod case design takes the sophisticated route


Speck Products has a brand new range of iPod case designs that will definitely remind you of the Burberry brand the moment you take a look. The TechStyle Classic range blends a brown or black "leather grade material" exterior along with classic beige plaid canvas lining for a sophisticated look. Strangely enough, the TechStyle Classic case is made up of three pieces, consisting of a standard iPod case with screen and built-in Click wheel protection, a swivel belt clip that comes in a matching holster for the case, and a sizer pad that helps keep a 30GB iPod snugly in place. Drawbacks include limited top, bottom, and side corner protection, so you'll have to be more careful with your precious iPod then.

The standard case can be used with or without the holster depending on your preference. Just take note that the holster adds an extra dimension when it comes to protecting the bottom, while covering the entire iPod Click Wheel from unexpected nicks and scratches. Only 5G iPods need apply. The TechStyle Classic iPod case retails for $35 a pop.

Product Page via iLounge

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