I'm singing in the rain...

zumreed-raindropThe bathroom is a very personal enclosure for every single person, as that is the same place we see ourselves for who we are (physically at the very least), while washing away the day's stress with a constant stream of warm water. Some of us who have the extra dough to spare have taken the pains to spruce up the bathroom by including soothing lights, and the Rain Drops LED lights from Japan certainly help get you into that relaxing mood by changing color slowly over time.

Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, the Drop is certified waterproof the moment it is closed - a most important feature considering the fact that the only way the Rain Drop LED light is turned on is by letting it float on water. An integrated sensor will be able to detect the presence of water automatically, thus activating the light. Best effects can be seen when applied in a sauna or bathtub, but the lack of either shouldn't stop you from getting one in the first place when it comes to home improvement. The Rain Drop LED retails for $39.

Product Page via OhGizmo!

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