Magicmirror urges you to buy, buy, buy

magicmirrorPaxar, a retail tracking solutions provider, has developed a consumer-facing-item-level RFID solution known as the Magicmirror. The Magicmirror bodes well for brands and retailers as it aims to give the final push to consumers when they're faced with the temptation of making an impulse purchase. All the consumer needs to do is place an RFID-tagged piece of clothing in front of the Magicmirror and it will in an instant display personalized information such as brand messaging, garment description, and size and color availability in addition to fashion tips as well as wardrobe suggestions.

When retrofitted to a fitting room, the Magicmirror enables customers to summon assistance from a salesperson without leaving the room, simply by touching the Magicmirror. Do you think having an algorithm decide what you should wear will be the next big thing in retail therapy, or do we folks still have our own backbone when it comes to choosing the type of clothes we want to wear?

Source: Gizmag

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