Trey Chair targets gaming community


Those who are into gaming often become one with their chairs after a while. Going to your friend's place or sitting in a cybercafe just doesn't quite give you the same feeling as the chair back home. After all, that piece of furniture in your pad probably has indents of your butt cheeks permanently embedded within already. The Trey Chair lays claim to being the perfect chair for hardcore gamers, featuring what looks like a normal swivel chair that can be turned into a rocking chair, a side table, a foot rest, or even an extra seat in an instant at the flip of a latch.

Of course, the main goal of the Trey Chair is to satisfy gamers, enabling them to go from the computer screen position to a lower level in front of the TV and game console without switching furniture. Definitely a great idea for those who are living in crammed apartments. Unfortunately, the Trey chair retails for $239 which is pretty steep, but that's the price for picking a piece of furniture that offers both style and function.

Product Page via Gearlog

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  1. Office Chair UK 15 November, 2007 at 04:54

    I love the Trey Chair, and I would love to see it available in the UK. It is a bit pricey though for a students’ gaming chair. Because the main thing it has over and above a normal swivel chair is that the seat can be removed to give a separate gaming chair and a footrest.

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