Louie joins in bathroom battle

louieWhen your tummy is having a huge war within, all you want is some sweet relief and release the pent-up pain and frustration by running to the nearest available toilet or bathroom. Unfortunately, this 'disaster' discriminates not against race, religion, or creed, and hence you could be a high powered executive making a dash for the nearest available cubicle in a public toilet, putting to rest all the pain by dropping the mother of all stink bombs at the expense of your $400 suit and some dignity. While the smell might be offensive for such an assault, rest assured the sounds are no less pleasing.

Louie can identify with you as he is activated by your bodily sounds. In fact, Louie is trying to compete on the same level as well, making the most repulsive noises that your own symphony sounds like the Vienna Boys Choir in comparison. In addition to farts, plips, and plops, Louie will accompany those with grunts and groans. Once he's done with his business, you'll hear him flush while singing choruses of Hallelujah. Definitely a toy that ought to make its way into any bathroom, Louie retails for £9.99 a poop pop.

Source: NerdApproved

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  1. Pica 4 May, 2007 at 11:43

    Gross. How many more references to toilet activities do we need to read about from BabyReaps? Really, if this is a technology blog & I don’t think this sophomoric and repulsive item has a place here.

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