Bearbrick USB flash drives


USB flash drives have long overtaken the 1.44" floppy, and they are able to come in a much wider variety of designs when compared to the venerable floppy which had no choice in terms of aesthetics other than slapping on a different color that suits you. The Bearbrick character USB flash drives take a drastically different approach from the traditional rectangle design, coming in the very shape of a Kubrick-type bear figure with a choice of three colors to choose from - red, blue, and yellow. Unfortunately, these are available only with a paltry 512MB of memory which isn't up to snuff by today's standards.

These Bearbrick molds are unlike the Kubrick line of figures and never actually experience a mold change. In addition, you will find that nothing is ever added to them either, not even accessories. Interested parties who want to pick these up will be able to do so when they're released sometime in late June for approximately $41 each. $41 for 512MB is way too high in terms of market price, but I guess you're actually paying for the design instead. In only they released larger capacity versions.

Source: FarEastGizmos

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